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About Collins

Collins Enterprise Co. LTD, established in 1978 by Mr. Lin Yi Hsiung, started its journey in the field of small sailing boats, life rafts, sliding rail and various types of wooden furniture. As the company grew, we’ve expanded our horizon to include manufacturing different material ranges of product.  We are proud to say that we are well skilled in fabricating wood, steel and aluminum furniture. Along with furniture, we are also developing in the metalworking field. 

Our president, Mr. Lin was aware of the competitiveness of this field and the importance of globalization therefore we've expanded Collins Enterprise to multiple locations around Asia, including China, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Efficiency, professionalism and detailed service has always been the top priority in our company. To cater to all of our customers, not only do we offer set design but also customizations (i.e. materials, shapes, colors) of products. 

We, Collins Enterprise are equipped with a group of responsible, detailed and professional personnel that is always available for you to contact. We strive to always provide our dear customers with the best and exceptional products.